Feature list

Greyhound was built on the style and interface of the WebControl included with the Amarok distribution. The interface will be familiar, but under the hood Greyhound has a lot more power.

Control your music in style Greyhound's interface is built with the latest web technologies, creating a sleek and fast interface. Managing your music remotely couldn't be easier. With all the AJAX magic and draggable auto-updating controls, you'll forget that you're even using a web browser!
Batteries included A multi-threaded built-in webserver and full template caching ensure that Greyhound runs at top speed. And since both the webserver and the frontend are implemented in pure PHP, you don't need to reconfigure your Apache or install any special software.
Turn your mobile device into a remote Greyhound includes a custom template for iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ clients. This means that you can just point your handheld device at your Greyhound server and have a full finger-friendly interactive interface with the same features as the desktop version.
It's all about freedom Greyhound is Free Software and you're free to share and modify it. You can even use the components in it for commercial projects.
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