Hacking the Hound

Greyhound has quite a few hackable components and developer goodies.

The webserver

If you're ever writing up something in PHP and you need a webserver, look no further than the one in Greyhound. It's fully documented and supports multi-threaded operation, a VFS layer, multipart POST data, directory listing, and more. You can embed your own scripts into the webserver too; see the API documentation in webserver.php for more details (phpDoc should be able to generate suitable HTML documentation).


Greyhound is completely themeable, with themes based on the Smarty template engine. This gives you a ton of flexibility if you want to develop your own theme.

Submitting patches

Greyhound shares programmer overlords with Enano CMS. If you've got a patch for Greyhound, post it in the off-topic section of the Enano forums.

Get the latest code

Our Mercurial repository is almost always bubbling over with fresh code and features to play with. You can grab the latest Greyhound code 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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